Valkoinen Kukka -White Flower

White Flower is a unique wellness service company located in the Finnish countryside. Here you can relax in nature without hurry and experience the best aspects of Finnish lifestyle.

Come and meet the charming and friendly Siberian huskies, who are part of the White Flower family. You can visit the dogs’ enclosure and pet them as much as you want. In winter, you can also participate in a sled ride with Siberian huskies in a beautiful rural landscape. It is an unforgettable experience that makes you feel like an adventurer.

In White Flower’s magnificent large teepee, you can experience atmospheric and relaxing moments. You can rent the teepee for example for birthday parties or other special occasions. The teepee also hosts invigorating drumming sessions, which awaken the inner rhythm and energy.

On request, you can warm up in the atmospheric outdoor sauna and hot tub in the yard. The sauna is the heart of Finnish culture, where you can cleanse your body and mind. The hot tub is a relaxing way to enjoy the fresh air and starry sky. The yard also has two retired horses, who are the mascots of White Flower.

White Flower is a place where you can experience many wonderful things and feel at home. Book your time now and come and enjoy Finnish hospitality and nature.

Husky Moment

Husky moment for 2-4 persons includes:

  • 4 rounds in 400m route in field.
  • huskyfarm visit and stories about our siperian huskies.
  • photpgraphing with huskies
  • Tipii moment with tea and biscuits around campfire.
  • Duration 1-1,5 hours
  • Available in winterseason

Contact us:

Mervi Kokki

Linnahovintie 71

53400 Lappeenranta

Phone: +358400693483

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